Technological advances have provided time-saving and efficient tools that make a variety of daily tasks easier; however the constant use of devices can also create stress. Here are five steps to help you manage your stress 2.0.

On March 27, Soren Gordhamer, author and organizer of the conference Wisdom 2.0, posted five steps on Mashable, a web news blog, to offer individuals healthy ways to handle technology overload and find greater balance.

Step 1 - Disconnect
Avoid "brain freeze" by disconnecting, shut down after a few hours and get fresh air, eat something, rest or communicate with co-workers. When you come back to your screen you will be more refreshed and efficient. Try to time yourself and set a schedule e.g., if you know 3pm is always a low point or four hours sitting is your max - then take your break.

DIY tool: Time Out, a soothing reminder that your need to disconnect. (MAC freeware)

Step 2 - Breathe
Remember to breathe; deep breaths can help "lower cortisol levels, increase oxygen and lower your stress levels." It is easy to forget to breathe - take a moment to absorb everything that is going on in the midst of mounting tasks in your inbox.

DIY tool: ProdMe and MindfulClock, both provide a tone to remind you to take a few deep breaths, free of charge. (MAC) (PC)

Step 3 - Energize
Make healthy food choices that will lift you up and not make you crash and burn. If possible make your own lunch. Keep snacks handy like nuts and fruits to avoid a mid-afternoon sugar run.

DIY tool: Whole Foods Market has a free application and site that gives numerous healthy recipes. (site and iTunes)

Step 4 - Stretch
Get up and move, stretch your legs! Sitting in front of a computer all day can stress anyone out. Counterbalance with little movements throughout the day. Why send an email to a colleague, if you can easily walk over and talk to them? Try to walk to lunch and ride a bike to work. Integrating exercise throughout the day has been proven more effective than a single workout.

DIY tool: iPractice, provides yoga postures even classes for stress relief with a simple application. (iTunes)

Step 5 - Surf
Metaphorically, "surf" the web; let all the information flow by like a wave and take only what you need. The key is to "find a balance, we can live consciously and connected, with an active social media life and a healthy body and mind>"

DIY tool: You. Take control of your technology, time and well-being - find a balance by slowly integrating steps 1-4 to find works best for you and try to get plenty of rest.