The web is lit up with bloggers and tweets, and #DontTwive, about April 30 being the first No Phone Zone Day. The day is about bringing greater awareness to text and phone-related driving accidents and deaths. But until there is a call to stop eating and driving, you may also want to avoid these accident-prone foods.


According to, US insurance information site, there are three dangerous food groups to avoid: hot, greasy and gooey.

Sharon Webb, independent insurance agent at, explained, "Insurance company claim reports are filled with poor excuses for car accidents." It is important to be alert when driving and any distraction including eating should be avoided.

Webb clarified her point, "I've heard things like eating chocolate cake without a fork or spilling hot clam chowder while driving, as well as tamer excuses like the lid slipped off my soft drink or the dog jumped on my lap!"

So next time you get behind the wheel at a drive-thru window think twice about biting into a jelly donut, overstuffed taco and washing it down with piping hot tomato soup.

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