Fascial fitness and post-pregnancy workouts new at IDEA World

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Los Angeles's IDEA World Fitness Convention offers up-and-coming techniques a chance to gain wider appeal in one of the hottest fitness markets in the world, Southern California. While Zumba, Pilates, and Kranking all got their start at trade shows such as IDEA, this year a few fitness newcomers - including a workout for your myofascial tissues and a post-pregancy fitness plan - hope to make their way into a gym near you.

Among the hundreds of classes, IDEA offers only 16 specialized training courses for fitness professionals, and alongside ever-popular Zumba and indoor cycling courses is fitness expert Lisa Druxman's Body Back technique, a fitness program to help a new mother "get her body back" after pregnancy. Along with fitness training, the program comes complete with nutritional guidance, online support, and inspiration.

Another new technique on the menu is Training the Fascial Lines, which targets your body's myofascial network of joints and tissues that wrap around the body for support. "Fascia is proprioceptively rich and communicates at great speeds, permitting every body to function better with whole-body integrated exercise," claim the technique's trainers.

To meet the growing demand for corporate wellness plans in the US, dubbed the "multibillion dollar wave of the future" by event organizers, fitness pros can train in the fine art of providing fitness to corporate employees. Youth fitness training workshops are also in the mix, to learn how to meet the needs of younger exercisers and help tame the global youth obesity epidemic.

IDEA World Fitness Convention, August 11-14, will also host 150 speakers, including Olympic speed skater and brain health specialist Dr. Daniel Amen.

A pass for the entire event is $499 for IDEA members/$589 for nonmembers. Two-day package: $329 for members/$359 nonmembers. One-day package: $249 for members/$279 nonmember. Rival tradeshows include Germany's FIBO and LA's IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show.


Watch a commercial on Body Back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eor_7nPCuHc