Fats are healthiest whole

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Scientists and nutritionists have long touted the benefits of good fats, and when it comes to oils getting them in their whole form is best.

According to the September print edition of Better Nutrition magazine, healthy oils like coconut, flaxseed and olive provide added benefits when consumed in their whole form - namely fiber, protein and fewer calories.

"Focus on the whole plant instead of the extracted oil, rely on avocados, nuts and other whole foods to supply healthful fats."

Should you still desire a light drizzle of oil, researchers at Kumamoto University School of Medicine in Japan concluded minimally processed oils, especially unprocessed olive oils, are best.

Full study, "Generation of lipid peroxyl radicals from edible oils and their biological activities: A need for consideration for anti-radical components and purification processing": http://iospress.metapress.com/content/m7ypvpma5a42brvf/?referencesMode=Show