10 Best documentary box sets

As the nights draw in, spend some time with some of the best educational series you can find

1. National Geographic: Baby Tales

If history and science are too heavy, coo over baby pandas, orang-utans and kittens.

£4.13, play.com

2. Human Planet

Be amazed by the Bajau free-divers who spear fish 20m underwater and marvel at the Korowai, who live in treehouses 35m up.

£10.95, zavvi.com

3. Michael Wood's Story of England

The history of England as told by the 750-year-old archives of Kibworth village in Leicestershire.

£12.49, bbcshop.com

4. The Life Collection: David Attenborough

The god of nature documentaries presents 4,360 glorious minutes of all things wildlife.

£42, amazon.co.uk

5. 7-49 Up

This is the TV series that followed 14 Brits from children to adulthood, through boarding school and break-ups, from the bar to a building site.

£14.46, amazon.co.uk

6. The World at War: The Ultimate Restored Edition

This is the story of the war voiced by people who lived through it, vividly depicted. A classic.

£14.95, zavvi.com

7. The Planet Collection

It wouldn't be a documentary list without at least two entries by Sir David. See our planet looking more astounding than ever before.

£31.43, blockbuster.co.uk

8. Travels with Palin

This box set whirls you through nine series, more than 100 countries, by dog sled, aboard the Orient Express and more.

£50.99, bbcshop.com

9. Carl Sagan's Cosmos

Like everyone's other favourite astronomer, Brian Cox, Sagan knew how to grab your attention.

£11.99, thatsentertainment.co.uk

10. The Story of Film: An Odyssey

Embark on this if you dare. Mark Cousins's epic is great for ciniphiles who have 15 hours to spare.

£19.99, amazon.co.uk