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The 10 Best Eco toys

Give your children an early lesson in values with this pick of educational and environmentally friendly playthings

1. Green Toys Sea Plane

£15.95, loubilou.com

This company is a dream come true for eco-warrior parents. Its toys are safe and stylish with no metal axles, no dodgy chemicals, and they're packaged in recycled materials.

2. Nigel's Eco Store Rocket

£37.99, nigelsecostore.com

Made from recycled cardboard, this rocket playhouse is suitable for wannabe astronauts ranging from three to seven. Suitable inside and outside, as well as foldable.

3. EverEarth Activity Cube

£40, gltc.co.uk

So many toys are garish, flashy, loud and plastic. This one, from toy manufacturer EverEarth, is made from solid, smooth and sustainable wood.

4. Plum Train and Track Activity Table

£250, plumproducts.com

Most train sets are plastic, but this cleverly crafted and comprehensive wooden set is made entirely from sustainably sourced timber.

5. Maya Organic Peppy Five

£26.25, iglookids.co.uk

Maya Organic toys are made using sustainable wood and natural dyes by a co-op in India. Our favourite is this five-stem stacker, which helps with counting and colour-matching.

6. Seedling The Fashion Designer Kit

£37.99, johnlewis.com

This innovative and eco-friendly craft kit enables girls aged eight and over to sketch and make fashions for the mannequin.

7. Wonderworld Eco House

£94.99, argos.co.uk

This is no ordinary dolls' house. It has a multitude of energy-saving features including solar panels, a wind turbine, an electric bike, recycling bins and a water butt.

8. Green Creativity Trash Robot Kit

£12, johnlewis.com

This kit gets children turning rubbish into an environmental project. You get axles and wheels, so you can make robot cars from a can or bottle.

9. Calafant Carriage

£7.95, kindtoys.co.uk

Calafant's recyclable cardboard models are easy to build, fun to decorate and a pleasure to play with. Other models include dinosaurs, a log cabin and a mermaid cove.

10. Early Learning Centre Recycling Truck

£7, elc.co.uk

Pretend to drive the truck around on your carpet and collect paper, cans and cardboard from different houses, ready to take to the depot.