The 10 best health monitors


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1. Tenscare itouch Easy


This easy-to-use Tens machine blocks pain messages to the brain and releases the body's own natural, pain-relieving endorphins.


2. MI Body Analyser Scale


These scales measure your weight and also calculate your body fat, body water, muscle mass, visceral fat,BMI and Basal Metabolic Rate.


3. Silva EX Plus Pedometer


Research shows that Pedometers, which measure how many steps you take, can lead to increased exercise, less illness and weight loss.


4. Cholesterol Monitoring System


Keep your cholesterol count under check with this bit of kit. You get results in around two minutes.


5. Brother Max One-Touch Thermometer


Pop it in the ear – or on the forehead, if that's too painful – and get an accurate reading in one second.


6. DuoFertility Fertility Monitor


A natural way of maximising your chances of pregnancy. Expensive, but if you're not pregnant within 12 months, you get your money back.


7. Lloyds Pharmacy Allergy Reliever


Sticking two probes up your nose isn't nice, but who cares if it gets rid of persistent allergy symptoms.


8. HoMedics ShiatsuMax Massage Chair


Pop it on a chair or sofa, sit back, and enjoy one of 14 relaxing massages of varying intensity.


9. Boots Electronic Head Lice Comb


This electronic head-lice comb detects and kills nits on dry hair without any nasty potions in sight.


10. Microlife WatchBP Blood Pressure Monitor


This one-touch machine is particularly good for those over 60 or with a known heart insufficiency.