The 10 Best Men's footcare


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1. Reinventing the heel


This intense moisturising cream works wonders on even the most dry and cracked heels. It's simple, effective and luxurious.

2. Pumice foot scrub


Foot scrubbing may add a few minutes to your grooming routine but it's well worth it. This boasts peach seed and pumice, ginger mint and moisturising mallow.

3. Manicure set with zip fastening


This handmade leather wallet includes everything the modern gent needs to ensure that his toenails are clean cut, filed and cuticle free.

4. Pumice stone on a rope


Perfect for the old-school man-about-town, this pumice stone on a rope does exactly what it claims to do – that is rid the feet of unsightly dry skin.

5. Foot file


This particular foot file might not be the cheapest available but given that it's made from specially processed metal, it's almost indestructible.

6. Peppermint foot lotion


Ensure that feet are fresh at all times by investing in this foot lotion from specialist in natural skincare Burt's Bees. It also helps prevent foot odour to begin with.

7. Shea butter foot cream


Packaged in a suitably manly silver tube, this shea-butter foot cream by French cosmetic giant l'Occitane will moisturise feet and leave them smelling sweetly of lavender.

8. Fitness foot balm


Despite a creamy consistency, this balm is easily absorbed into the skin. It's designed for men following a workout and therefore boasts anti-fungal properties.

9. Crackling Ice Foot Spray


As reasonably priced as it is useful. A gel formulation – spray it on and it becomes a mousse – this cools, revitalises and deodorises tired, stinky feet.

10. Power nail trimmer


Best known for its tweezers, the aptly named Tweezerman also produces nail trimmers that should be a staple in every well-groomed man's washbag.