The gifts that keep giving all year round

1. Delayed Gratification

£36 per year,

A news digest magazine with analysis and graphics. For a 10 per cent discount, Independent readers can use the code "slownewsday".

2. Rough Trade Album Club

£144 per year,

Let the cool London label and record store send you their cream of the crop each month. You'll also receive exclusive bonus material.

3. Cheeseshed subscription

£97.50 delivery every 4 months,

Get cheese from the award- winning West Country cheese company delivered to your door.

4. Stonevine Doorstep Dozen

From £80 per month,

A crate of fine wine on your doorstep each month or two, depending on how quickly you glug it.

5. Adopt an olive tree

£39 for gift pack and three deliveries of 500ml oil ,

"Adopt" a tree for yourself or as an enterprising gift.

6. Curley chocolate club

£75 for three-month membership,

Get in control of your sugar fix, and arrange for a monthly supply of the highest quality chocolate.

7. Daunt book subscription

From £135 per year,

Have the experts at Daunt Books pick a title for you each month according to your specific tastes.

8. Subscription salmon

£90 for six 220g deliveries,

Dry-cured and oak-smoked, this Black Mountains Smokery salmon is some of the best you can buy.

9. Lomography film

From £32.25 per month,

This subscription means retro analogue addicts will always have a roll of film handy.

10. Glossy Box

£27 for three months,

Get the very best beauty products straight to your door each month. Beautifully efficient, literally.