The Moderator: Arnold Schwarzenegger weighs in on cardio workout forum thread


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Arnold Schwarzenegger,  the beefcake-turned-actor-turned-Governator-turned man with time on his hands, has surprised meatheads on the website Reddit by terminating a dispute about workouts.

Users on the forum had been at odds as they responded to a post called “Best Damn Cardio Humanly Possible in  15 Minutes”.

“Everybody, behave and stop bickering,” he wrote. “This is about inspiring more people to get into fitness. I’ve never understood people who argue constantly about who is wrong and right... There are many ‘right’ answers, especially for people just starting out.”

The contribution was  quickly voted to the top of the post. Arnie, fancying his role as The Moderator, then offered the following advice: “My favourite form of cardio when we worked out at Gold’s was to run down to the beach and run in the sand after I finished lifting. Today, I don’t run, but I still ride my bike through Santa Monica and Venice. Or I do interval-style training on a stationary bike.” End of.