Webcast- Safe, warm and well: Top tips for winter

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In our live webTV show Arlene Phillips and Ian Scott from charity WRVS offer advice for helping your elderly relatives and neighbours through the winter months.

Show date: Friday 12th November 2010

Show time: 4pm

As winter rapidly approaches, you will probably be getting your house prepared for the chilly weather. But whilst you layer up and stock up on hot water bottles, how often do you think about your elderly neighbours and relatives?

With today’s hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to keep up to date with all of our friends and family and those who live further away can be easily overlooked. But while we are more able to afford to crank up the heating, those on limited funds are not so fortunate.

With a third of the fuel poverty households in the UK consisting of single people over the age of 60, how can you ensure your loved ones are cared for?

In our live webTV show, Arlene Phillips and Ian Scott from WRVS, a charity which helps elderly people, offer their advice and tips on how you can help those most at risk this winter. From hints on how to keep a house warm whilst keeping the fuel bill down, to support you can receive from initiatives like EDF Energy’s Safe, Warm and Well programme, they are here to answer all of your questions.

Arlene Phillips and Ian Scott join us live online on Friday 12th November 2010 at 4pm to discuss how you can make sure you and your family stay Safe, Warm and Well this winter.

For more information visit e dfenergy.com/safewarmandwell