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Help! My boss is a psychopath

Power attracts psychopaths, and they will do anything to get it. You can do a test to see if your boss is a psychopath, but you might not like the answer...

100 years on from my great uncle's death in WW1, here's his story

“I am afraid you are worrying Mother dear, but you really mustn't. You say you wish you could do something for me, but don't you see that you and Father have made me what I am. Memories are as powerful as words or acts, and we are not 'separate one from the other' because we can't see one another. What you have done, beyond measure or statement, you are still doing.”

Why do we find some animals cuter than others?

When we see something adorable, it stimulates the mesocorticolimbic system in our brains, the part associated with motivation and reward. This causes a surge of the neurotransmitter dopamine (also there when we fall in love) and makes us feel warm and fuzzy