31-year-old Ashlie Mostad regularly posts about nutrition, working out and healthy living /

Ashlie hopes to comfort those who feel insecure about their bodies

A fitness blogger is inspiring women to love their bodies by sharing photos of her ‘not so flattering side.’

31-year-old Ashlie Mostad regularly posts about nutrition, working out and healthy living on her blog, Foodie Girl Fitness, which are often accompanied by photos of her super fit bod.

But she’s also keen to prove that social media isn’t always as it seems.

With more than 85,000 Facebook likes, the blogger decided to post two side-by-side images of herself that were taken at the same time but in different poses and from different angles.


Sunday morning workout is about to go down. We've gone over to friends houses the last two nights and enjoys comfort foods and dessert each time. But, because I'm committed to eating them in the right portions and not making any foods be off limits to me, I'm still seeing crazy results. . . So this workout I'm about to do... I'm not doing it as punishment for the fact that I indulged this weekend. I'm doing it because it feels good, my body loves me for it, and my goals are achieved one tiny little step at a time. . .⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Having an indulgent weekend won't make you fat. Just like one salad won't make you thin. It's all the little moments that add up. I'm not on a diet, I'm living a lifestyle. And life, for me, includes celebrating good food with good friends. Guilt free. .⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ You indulged this weekend too? AWESOME! I hope you enjoyed it to the hilt. And I hope you rewarded your body with a nice sweat sesh today. And then I hope you go enjoy the rest of this amazing day. Cause life is too short to spend one more day at war with yourself.

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“If I'm going to show you the posed, put together, professional sides of me, I'm gonna make damn sure you see the not so flattering sides too,” she writes.

“Because, contrary to what society has taught us to think, our worth isn't measured by how many belly rolls we have, or how many dimples on our booty, or how much jiggle hangs out on our arms.”

By sharing the images, Ashlie hopes to comfort those blinded by the smokes and mirrors created by social media.

“We've been told for years that we're not good enough until we {insert any of the thousands of ideas of perfection that has been fed to us over the years},” she adds.

“But I call BS. I say that the real magic happens when we embrace who we are, at every angle and size.”

The fitness fanatic wants her photos to send a message reminding those who are reading that they are “worthy and beautiful and special.”

She goes on to explain that despite her job, she too struggles with body confidence at times.


I'm participating in a challenge with my team, and today we are sharing a goal we have for November. . . This is me last December. I had fully committed to a fitness program and my meal plan, and in 4 weeks was feeling and looking {if I do say so myself 😜} phenom!! But this year brought several challenges: a pregnancy, a miscarriage, a case of arthritis in my pinky, a baaaad back issue due to a herniation, some knee issues, and now a cold {and a few weeks I was feeling fine but still stuffed my face with junk anyway}... so I'm not looking this lean or strong currently. . . BUT, I have recommitted to my meal plan and a new workout program, and I definitely have the goal set of getting back here. . . Goal set! Check back in a few weeks when I can say GOAL CRUSHED! . . #teambeachbodyteamspirit #teamfitandfunky

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“This doesn’t mean I don’t also struggle with embracing this body I was given, but it does mean that I understand working on loving me is the most important job I will ever have.”

Since Ashlie’s photos were posted to her Facebook page they have received more than 170,000 likes with thousands commenting to thank her for being an inspiration.