Hitting the gym to achieve a beach-ready body? Experts advise taking it slow and exercising in moderation. Overzealous training can be counterproductive to your overall health, weakening your immune system and increasing risk of injury and illness.

On June 22, renowned health and fitness website FitSugar reported on the top three signs you've hit the gym too hard. Classic symptoms include a a general "worn out" feeling, similar to a cold or flu.

In the article exercise physiologist Fabio Comana also noted that increased resting heart rate, a sign of stress, may be a symptom of overtraining. Check your pulse when lying down and if it's higher than normal, ease up a little to give your body a rest. "Look out for related psychological and physical signs like irritability, fatigue, muscle weakness, a short fuse, or restless sleep," states FitSugar.

Also if you've noticed you have less mojo during your workouts, say if your three-mile jog feels like a marathon, this could be a sign you need a breather. Another telltale sign is what's called muscle DOMS, or delayed onset of muscle soreness, also known as "muscle fever." If you're experiencing soreness and pain after your usual routine, this is a sign your muscles are damaged and need some rest.

A few ideas to speed up recovery time include stretching, self massage with an arnica anti-inflammatory oil, and warming muscles with heated pads, states FitSugar.

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See a video on the dangers of overexercising: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dCLTCCeKeA