On September 27 Carrotsncake.com blogger Tina Haupert shared four tips to help you keep on track with your weight loss goals.

Haupert shared, "What works for me is a little inspiration, some positive thinking, and strengthened self-discipline." Here are her four tips:

- Stay current with healthy living or fitness blogs to keep inspired and avoid eating the wrong foods. Here are some blogs to check out: Healthy Tipping Point, The Fitnessista, Social Workout, FitBottomedGirls and mizzFit.
- Imagine you at your "feel great weight", see yourself healthy, strong and soon you will be.
- Forget tomorrow -start immediately to begin your transformation. It can be as simple as planning out workouts, going for a walk, reaching for the carrot instead of the cake.
- Seek support from healthy, focused and motivated family and friends to lift your spirits. Haupert explains, "...willpower and self-discipline [are] contagious."

Health.com also offers a Feel Great Weight (FGW) plan downloadable for free and an online social support network. To learn more, visit: http://diet.health.com/2010/05/05/our-feel-great-weight-plan/