Fans of indoor Spinning classes, meet what could be the next big thing: the RealRyder. This Italian-made stationary cycle moves, shifts, and turns for a feel that is closer to a real road bike. 

The bike has been in development for three years and is making the rounds at major fitness trade shows - it will be on view at this year's FIBO in Essen, Germany, as well as RiminiWellness, Italy's top trade show. Last week, it appeared at the Salon Mondial Body Fitness Form Expo in Paris.

Spokeswoman Barbara Fiorio of RealRyder in Verona, Italy, told Relaxnews that the difference with RealRyder is that it has an articulating frame that moves like a real bike, and that "side-to-side motion requires constant shifts of balance, continuous adjustments and corrections that correspond to a rider's movements on the road," just like when you encounter strong wind, obstacles, or steep turns.

To ride the RealRyder, you'll need to focus more on your balance than on a conventional stationary bike, which Fiorio says ups the calorie burn and upper body workout. "It's more real and certainly also more fun," she adds.

The bike is marketed primarily for indoor cycling classes at gyms and studios, but the manufacturer is also targeting private buyers looking to shake up their at-home workouts. Clubs or gyms buying multiple bikes can get a special discount, but for the home buyer, the bike sells for €1,650.

Another bike that aims to simulate the experience of a real bike is the Trixter X-Bike, an indoor "mountain bike" that features a handlebar that articulates side to side, although, unlike the RealRyder, the frame remains fixed. The bike retails for about €1,345.

Alongside the RealRyder at this year's FIBO will be the Power Plate powerBIKE, a not-yet-for-sale bike that combines Power Plate vibrations with a stationary ride. The bike emits vibrations to your muscles (stimulating up to 2,400 muscle contractions per minute), which the manufacturer says means you work harder, burn more calories, and get a more efficient workout in a shorter amount of time. The price is not yet available.

FIBO celebrates its 26th anniversary this year as Europe's key health, fitness, and wellness trade event. On April 14-17, Essen, Germany, will welcome over 30,000 health industry professionals and an additional 20,000 individuals interested in overall health from 100 countries.

The event rivals other major international trade fitness events such the Los Angeles-based IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show, which took place earlier this month, and the IDEA World Fitness Convention, also in Los Angeles, which will take place August 11-14. Learn more:


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