May 10 is World Move for Health Day, created by the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote physical well being. If you get easily bored exercising, this new fitness trend - pogo jogging, exported from Asia to Europe and the United States, should keep your interest as it combines jogging and jumping achieved by wearing special boots or stilts that provide rebound bounce.

The Kardashian sisters, renowned celeb-realities and sometime models, were spotted (posed) pogo jogging in South Beach, Miami. Kim Kardashian hasn't cited pogo jogging as a factor in her weight loss but imagine jogging on a trampoline, referred to as rebounders in the fitness world). According to NASA, rebounding is "the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man".

G-Force Health the maker of Cellerciser ($305.00/€240.28), a rebounder, claims an hour of "the zero-impact workout burns over 700 calories per hour, melts fat, builds muscle and provides a long list of health-building benefits - including improved digestion, sleep, immunity, coordination, sleep and sex!" Their site also explains that rebounding burns calories "11x faster than walking 3x faster than jogging".

If you prefer to workout outdoors and jog freely, you may want to try pogo jogging, it also touts numerous health benefits and Kangoo Jumps (€199-259), a brand of boots needed for pogo jogging claim "Kangoo Jumps provide all the benefits of ‘Rebound Exercise'" including minimizes impact on joints, protects knee, ankle and spine, fights depression, gives a natural face lift and restores bone and muscle mass.

The Powerisers ($249-359/€156.77-282.64) works similar to Kangoo Jumps but they are for those that want to jump extra high, popular with extreme sport athletes because they aid in jumping "six feet in the air almost effortlessly" and allow you to "run with nine feet strides" at "twenty miles per hour" writes

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