Men are known for doing just about anything to avoid going to the doctor. On June 29, Tanya Benenson, MD, medical director for NBC, and health coach for iVillage's ‘Get Healthy Now' Community Challenge, offers four tips to help you help him get healthy.

Benenson explains some of the biggest issues are that men seek medical advice too late, rarely go for checkups and do not make preventative care a priority.

Here are four ways to help him get healthy:

1. Offer to make the doctor's appointment and go with him; try to make it matter of fact like a haircut appointment.
2. Use scare tactics, a diagnostic exam is nothing compared to what could be if something is ignored or not detected early (colon cancer). If all else fails, link the health concern to "decreased circulation, including decreasing erections."
3. Timing is everything, it is best to not harp on the issue, you don't want him to tune you out. "There are good times to bring this topic up, such as monumental times like birthdays or when you read something big in the news."
4. Show and tell, leading by example might get him interested, plus if you aren't taking care of your own health then that should be your priority.

According to the British men's lifestyle online portal AskMen, if a man is 30 years old he should schedule the following tests, exams and immunizations.

Tests: Blood pressure (every 2 years), Cholesterol (every 5 years), Height and weight (periodically)
Exams: Standard cancer: thyroid, mouth, skin, testicles, lymph nodes (every 3 years), Dental (every year)
Immunizations: Tetanus-Diptheria (every 10 years)

Also the site is a great way to get a guy interested in living healthier by appealing to his vanity and desire to be young. The ‘RealAge Test' is a health survey that provides healthy lifestyle modifications as well as a health record that can be printed out and brought to a doctor's visit.

iVillage's Get Healthy Now Community Challenge will continue until July 18. For more health insights from Benenson and Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, diet and nutrition editor for US morning TV show Today and Mel B, former Spice Girl, international fitness advocate and host of Dance You're Ass Off, join the challenge, sign up for free at: