At the end of March, supermodel Gisele Bundchen caught the interest of just about everyone after looking ridiculously fit less than three months after giving birth. The credit was given to new fitness trend Brazilian Body Surf, a unique water workout.

Unfortunately the creator of the Brazilian Body Surf, Leandro Carvalho, holds classes only in New York City. However it may be the case, as with his renowned fitness routines the Brazilian Butt Lift and the Brazilian Tummy Tuck, that ‘how-to' videos and step-by-step programs will become available online.

To get supermodel-fit you may want to try adding water resistance activities to your weekly fitness schedule with these Brazilian routines:

Brazilian BUTT Lift described as working all angles of the "bum bum," here is a five-minute routine adapted from Carvalho's for Mind, Body + Spirit Fitness, a fitness and well-being site. The workout is simple with only five movements: plie, touchdowns, lunges and two kinds of squats:

Brazilian TUMMY Tuck also targets all the muscles of your abdominals in ten minutes. The workout includes belly rolls, tummy curls, cross crunches, tailbone lifts and inverted crunches. To view images and descriptions of each exercise go to:

Carvalho also sells at-home fitness kits including Brazil Butt Deluxe Upgrade for $59.95-72 (€43.50 -53) from various online retailers; perhaps a great update to your fitness-craze DVD library, with the likes of Buns of Steel and Tae-Bo. For more information on Carvalho, his workout classes and clients, go to: