Get your kids to eat healthy with a few clicks

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US First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative to get children healthy sparked a smartphone applications competition for healthy apps and games to educate kids and parents about nutrition, importance of physical activity, calorie information and healthy balanced menu-planning.

On August 14, a panel judged the applications after a public vote; the winners are to be announced in September but until then, you may want to take a look at the 80+ apps and play a few online with your kids.

Here are a few explained:

Pop Food an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad game that helps kids learn how to spell different foods, their health benefits and food groups.

STAVO: Food Flight OS an Xbox game where the player needs to send the alien Zheekei home by feeding it healthy foods (the alien eats a nutritionally balanced diet of a 9-13 year old child) that provides Zheekei enough fuel to pedal all the way back to his home planet Ayamilla.

Food Find an iPhone/iPod touch game played in a park or field tests your child's food group knowledge as they run and compete to 'pick up foods.'

Smash Your Food is a visual game that has children guessing how much sugar, salt and oil is in their favorite foods. After the guess is made, the food (slice of pizza, burger, chocolate muffin, sugary cereal, noodles) is smashed and oozes out a count of sugar, salt and oil to compare to the recommended amounts based on age and level of physical activity.

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