During pregnancy nearly 50 per cent of mums intend to breastfeed their child once it’s been born. However this statistic drops by nearly half once they have given birth, which suggests that many mothers who’d like to breastfeed find it difficult or simply can’t.

Breastfeeding provides the most natural nutrition for babies, with studies suggesting that it boosts children’s immune systems helping to protect them against a host of infections and can help prevent obesity in later life. Not to mention the benefits of helping new mums lose their baby weight and reducing the risks of some cancers.

Research by the Bounty Parenting Club suggests that over two thirds of new mums have never been close enough in real life to a friend or family member who is breastfeeding to actually see how the child latches onto the breast. So where can they go to ask for help or advice?

“Whilst there is lots of breastfeeding advice offered to new and expectant mums, some cannot access the information and support they need at exactly the right time,” says Faye Mingo of Bounty.

To tackle this problem Bounty has posted a new breastfeeding video onto its website, designed to act as a refresher for new mums. It includes breastfeeding techniques and advice about what parents should look out for to ensure their child is getting the nutrition it needs.