Anaemia: Would more iron in my diet help?

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I am a female in my fifties and have noticed an increase in hair loss over the last few years. I try to eat a healthy diet, but I have a minimal intake of red meat. Although I have never been clinically anaemic, whenever I try to donate blood I am rejected on the grounds that I am on the borderline of anaemia. I have read that low iron levels are associated with hair loss. Would more iron in my diet help?

Dr Fred Kavalier answers your health question:

Most people's hair naturally gets thinner with age. But if your hair is "falling out", it may be a sign of a hormone or nutritional deficiency. The body keeps a store of iron, and if this store begins to get low, it can lead to hair loss. Eventually, if iron levels get low enough, you will become anaemic. The fact that you get rejected by the Blood Transfusion Service makes it very likely that your iron stores are depleted. Thyroid hormone deficiency can also cause hair loss, so it might be worth getting your thyroid levels checked by your GP. The level of your iron stores can also be checked.

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