I have had a corn in the middle of my foot, near the ball, for 10 years. Is there surgery that gets rid of these? When I have tried corn plasters with acid on them, I find them painful and have to take it off after a day. Can I remove them?

Dr Fred Kavalier answers your health question:

A corn is a collection of dry, hard skin that forms as a pressure point. The skin thickens and hardens to protect the underlying area. The centre of the corn contains a core of dead cells. Corns tend to develop on the tops and sides of toes. If you can remove the pressure that is causing a corn, it may disappear. If it is near the ball of your foot, tight-fitting shoes or high heels may be putting excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. If you have bunions or hammer toes, these can provoke corn formation. See a podiatrist. Corns can be removed, or partially removed, with a scalpel. But if you don't remove the underlying cause, they will persist.

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