Dr Fred Kavalier answers your health question:

Bluetooth earpieces are low-power microwave transmitters that communicate with mobile phones. When you speak into the Bluetooth microphone, your voice is transmitted to the mobile phone and the earpiece receives the sound from your mobile conversation. The frequency of the radio waves is in the same range as the frequency used in microwave ovens. So, I suppose, in a sense a Bluetooth earpiece is a bit like a tiny microwave oven. But Bluetooth earpieces use about one-millionth of the power of microwave ovens, and only a tiny proportion of this is absorbed by the body. Scientific experiments have not been able to detect any increase in body temperature from Bluetooth earpieces. Even compared to holding a hand-held mobile phone next to your ear, Bluetooth earpieces are certainly much less of a radiation risk. If you are concerned, the answer is to use an earpiece that is connected to the phone by a wire. This avoids any significant radiation exposure.

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