Weight loss: 'How can I get rid of my last bit of fat?'

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"I have always been quite skinny, and am still skinny at 70, except for a 'spare tyre', about 1 to 1 1/2in in diameter when pinched. Is there any specific diet or exercise that I can do to get rid of this? I hardly eat any fats, and I eat oodles of fruit and vegetables and take lots of exercise, mainly walking and swimming. The exercise just makes the spare tyre more obtrusive. And if I lose weight generally then I just look scraggy with a spare tyre. Generally I'm content to live with the ageing process but I hate this."

Dr Fred Kavalier answers your health question:

Your genes are probably the main determinant of where fat gets deposited on your body and, unfortunately, you can't exchange your genes for a new set. Although there are health benefits to being skinny, I wonder if putting on a few pounds would make your spare tyre a bit less obvious. Two other options – neither of which I would recommend – are liposuction and surgery. But I fear that there is no simple solution. Do any readers have suggestions?