Health-boosting candy and whiffs: US trends to hit UK shelves

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Candy with vitamins, anti-aging chews and coffee you inhale could be amongst the next big trends to hit the UK's shelves according to an August 12 report by research and market monitoring group Datamonitor.

According to a statement on the company's website the next biggest gastronomic trends are going to be focusing on innovative ways to deliver health benefits. Research manager Cesar Pereira points out that although the ingredients used in products such as anti-aging chews may not be new, it is the first time those ingredients will be delivered to consumers in this manner.

The biggest trends are expected to be:

Energy boosting anti-aging chews - launched in the US by fiGo Bites, these are sugar-free chocolate-berry chews which provide energy on the go.

Coffee that can be inhaled- Already sold in the UK at select House of Fraser stores, a biodegradable coffee inhaler developed by French Company Le Whif is expected to grow in popularity. Currently the product retails for 6€ (£4.99). The inhaler gives one 100 gram shot of coffee per puff and is designed to appeal to time-starved consumers.

Poprs Magic Pop ‘N Crystals from US company Raven Manufacturing are sweets which change color and pop. The sweets, which are made with natural colors and flavors also, contain vitamins and are marketed as a novel way to encourage children to get ‘nutrition'.

Distributors and retail prices of FiGo Bites anti-aging chews and Poprs Magic Pop 'N Crystals have yet to be confirmed.