One of the world's leading dental surgeons oversaw a "toe-curling" operation that left his patient disfigured and in agony, the General Dental Council (GDC) was told yesterday.

Geraldine Verdon, 54, from Coventry, was sedated while lying on planks of wood supported by chairs, and operated on for five hours in Oscar Tatum's surgery in Northampton, the hearing was told.

She was left in excruciating pain with breathing problems, numbness in the lips and bony growths in the mouth after the treatment to bolster her jawbone and allow the insertion of dental implants in April 2000.

Mende Slabbert, a dentist who also faces charges, admitted her swollen features "made my toes curl". Mr Slabbert, of Warwickshire, had persuaded Mrs Verdon to borrow £8,000 to fund dental work in 1998, but did not tell her the work was "experimental", the hearing was told. The hearing continues.