An explosive reaction to Jodie Marsh's 'Semtex' weight-loss pills


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Oh Jodie, love. While we would defend anyone’s right to cover themselves with eclectic tattoos, dye their hair nuclear scarlet and get into spats with Katie Price, she has made something of a slip-up when it comes to branding. Marsh has released a weight-loss aid called – wait for it – Semtex. Like the plastic explosive used by the IRA.

Having been contacted by a relative of victims of an IRA bombing, Jodie apologised on Twitter, saying: “I apologise if I have unwittingly upset anybody with the use of the name Semtex for my product. Obviously, I am completely against any form of terrorism – and wish to make it clear that I have never had any intention to upset any families of the victims of atrocities. I am a renowned anti-bullying campaigner. And terrorism can be seen as a form of bullying.” The worst kind, you might say.