GoodGuide, a consumer-based website with data on a wide range of consumer products, has released a new iPhone application that scans barcodes to deliver the health, environmental and social responsibility ratings of over 50,000 products and companies.

Aimed at helping customers locate greener and healthier products, the app can provide a product's complete nutritional information, a company's sustainability ratings and assess the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle.

As consumers are more concerned about what is contained in the products they buy (and eat) - whether for health, safety or ethical reasons - they're looking for detailed information that isn't always listed on the labels, according to Dara O'Rourke, founder and CEO of GoodGuide.

"The iPhone application illustrates how we can provide consumers with critical product information when they need it the most - in the store," said O'Rourke. "The service will only get stronger over time as we add more and more product information based on our community's input."

The app delivers independently researched information to help with such things as choosing a healthier toothpaste, finding out whether products touted as organic really are, or just how much a company adheres to sustainable or socially responsible guidelines. The app, which is free, also can create custom shopping lists and product comparisons that can be shared with other users.