Anger over 'OCD chopping board' on sale at Selfridges

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A chopping board sold by Selfridges and billed as the solution to sandwich problems for those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been condemned by sufferers of the condition.

The OCD chopping board, created by US manufacturer Fred & Friends, is covered in scales, grid lines and comes with a printed protractor and marked angles for those who "want to cut their sandwich at a perfect 45 degree angle".

But the charity OCD-UK said it was outraged by the decision to advertise the product as a helpful tool for those with OCD.

"The chopping board is cashing in on the debilitating nature of OCD," said Ashley Fulwood, the organisation's chief executive and an OCD sufferer.

"It probably wasn't intended to be offensive, but it's in bad taste to stock this item. If it had been an HIV chopping board or a cancer cutting board, there would be an outcry."

Mr Fulwood said the board would only solidify the perception of OCD as an un-serious condition, adding: "As a therapy technique, its use would be counter-productive. The manufacturer doesn't realise the impact OCD can have; it can ruin people's lives, careers and families. "

OCD affects 12 out of every 1,000 people in the UK. The condition means daily activities can take a disproportionate length of time, cause stress and anguish and interfere with life at work and home.