Employees at the Innocent headquarters in west London / Kalpesh Lathigra

Workplace happiness is more about the people you work with than the amount you earn — also a convenient commute

Britons consider working with people they like to be more important than the amount they earn, a new study on workplace happiness has revealed.

According to a survey of 2,000 people by the Association of Accounting Technicians, eight in ten Brits would choose a job which they enjoy over one for which they would receive better pay.

Respondents ranked job responsibility, recognition and companionship above a sizeable salary, and said there are five better reasons to stay in a job than money — including a more manageable commute.

In fact, a third of those polled said they had already left a job despite good pay, because the stress wasn't worth it; three quarters claimed they wouldn't accept a more stressful job for more money.

A pay-review scheme came in at number 11 for what Britons want from their place of work.

The poll also found that most Britons actually like their job, with only 15 percent saying they were unhappy.

AAT Chief Executive Mark Farrar said: "The results show that, when it comes to working happiness, money is far from the driving factor for most of us.

"Of course, life dictates that we earn as much as we can to maintain or improve our circumstances, but most deemed working with good people or in a role they feel valued in as more important than the salary."

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He added: "It’s interesting how much status and recognition play a big part in happiness at work alongside the promise of progression and building towards something more."

Why Brits stay at their current job

1. I have a good relationship with my colleagues

2. I enjoy the job role

3. I have a good relationship with my boss

4. I don't have another job to go to

5. The commute is manageable

6. The pay

7. I have a good relationship with my clients

8. I feel I have the chance to develop my career

9. I'm good at the job

10. I am not under much stress