Child's hospital death probed in sabotage scare

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Essex police are investigating the death of a three-year-old in hospital amid fears that intravenous fluid bags had been sabotaged, it was reported today.

The child died on Saturday morning after being taken to Basildon University Hospital's paediatric unit the previous evening.

Staff called the police on Sunday over fears that 12 fluid bags had been punctured, the BBC reported. It quoted police as saying there was no evidence at this stage to link the death to any damage.

Det Supt Tim Wills said: "A post-mortem examination will be carried out by a specialist forensic pathologist and the priority is to establish the cause of death, support the family and keep them informed."

CCTV footage was being examined and a store room was sealed off for forensic examinations.

The hospital trust said concerned parents should call 01268 598536.