Brynn with her new doll / Sebastian Design / Facebook

White bunny has gold tutu, heart-shaped nose and one happy golden eye

A little girl who lost her left eye after she developed a rare form of cancer has received a special hand-made doll for her third birthday.

The soft white rabbit doll has a smart gold tutu and glittery bow, a heart-shaped nose and one happy golden eye.

“To date, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to create something so tender and meaningful,” said Jessica Sebastian, a doll-maker from the north west US state of Idaho.

Danielle Munger asked Ms Sebastian to create the toy for her daughter Brynn because she had heard children can find it therapeutic to have a doll that reflects their appearance.

“A mama contacted me and asked if I would make a bunny doll with one eye for her two-year-old daughter who loves animals and lost her left eye to cancer,” said Ms Sebastian in a Facebook post.

“The girl had started to notice that she was different and her sweet mama read articles about how finding a doll who matches how a child looks can be helpful and therapeutic.

“She wanted her daughter to have a doll that looks like her and only has her right eye.”

Ms Munger told Fox 5 she first realised something was wrong when her daughter’s eyelid began to droop around her first birthday, but they did find out she had cancer for some time.

A tumour was later discovered behind her left eye, which a doctor removed with the tissue around it in a life-saving operation.

Brynn underwent several surgical procedures and had six weeks of radiation to make sure the cancer cells were gone, according to the broadcaster. Her cancer has now been in remission for over a year.

Ms Sebastian posted a picture of Brynn holding her new doll, adding: “Here is the adorable little girl on her third birthday, hugging her one-eyed bunny who is just as perfect and beautiful as she is.

“My favourite part of this photo is how she is wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown. It perfectly represents the strength and courage of this little superhero.”