Kevin Bolts was just 28 when he died from alcohol liver disease. "Waiting two and a half days for your little brother to take his final breath is the worst thing in the world," recalled his sister, Jackie Williams from Burnley.

"He was a good lad when he was younger and we used to have a laugh, but drinking took over his life. As an adult I only ever saw him drunk," she continued.

Mr Bolts started drinking heavily when he was 17 to deal with the death of his father.

He was admitted to Burnley General Hospital on 18 August 2003 and died three days later.

"One drink leads to another. That's how Kevin started," warned Mrs Williams. "All these offers you see on alcohol encourage people to drink more than they should, but I don't think companies are bothered as long as they're making money. Alcohol is a drug and people can get addicted, just like my brother did."