Ebola outbreak: Spanish nurse Teresa Romero Ramos's condition has 'worsened', says Madrid hospital

Hospital confirms Teresa Romero Ramos has deteriorated

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Hospital officials have confirmed that the condition of the Spanish nurse who became the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa has worsened.

Yolanda Fuentes, assistant manager of the Carlos III hospital in Madrid where Mrs Romero Ramos is being treated, said the patient’s condition has deteriorated.

Mrs Romero Ramos has requested that details of her condition are not released, and Ms Fuentes said doctors are not able to give further information at this time.

Two doctors who treated Mrs Romero Ramos on Monday when she became ill, but before she was diagnosed with Ebola, have now been taken into the hospital for observation.

A spokesperson for the hospital said that neither the two doctors nor Mrs Romero Ramos’s husband, who is also under observation, have shown any signs of Ebola symptoms.

Six people have now been admitted to the hospital for observation.

On Wednesday Mrs Romero Ramos told Spanish newspaper El Pais that she did not have a fever.

“In a manner of speaking, I’m doing better,” she said, adding that she was very grateful to her colleagues at the hospital who were “all trying to raise my spirits”.

Mrs Romero Ramos was one of the nurses who tended to Spanish missionary Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died in September.

She is understood to have touched her face while wearing the protective gloves she used when clearing Mr Viejo’s room, which she believes could be when she contracted the virus.