cleansing programme
Leor Cohen's seven-day tissue cleansing programme at the Welbeck Clinic has to be done when you have plenty of time to rest - so you cannot do it and go to work. You will need to buy or rent a juicer and get a supply of organic vegetables - there are organic greengrocers throughout the country who will deliver. Besides this London-based course, there are some residential ones throughout the year which are based outside London.

The aim is to cleanse all the tissues and systems of the body, concentrating on creating a healthy bowel. "Between 500 and 600 people die in this country every year from cancer of the bowel, while thousands suffer from constipation and related problems. Laxatives usually exacerbate the problem. The aim of colonics is to get the body functioning properly on its own and get rid of the build-up over the years of waste in the bowel. Each of the 70 pockets of the bowel can hold between seven and 10 compressed meals," says Leor.

The seven-day programme includes a daily colonic, either morning or evening; cleansing drinks (eight per day), including four that include Bentonite clay which expands inside you and pushes out waste matter; handfuls of herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements; fruit and vegetable juices, and an early-morning linseed drink - something I had associated with cattle fodder; and a clear vegetable broth - with all the vegetables taken out, of course.

Leor promises that this is a course that can change your life - whether it is your relationship to food and your body or a specific problem. He claims particular success with headaches and migraines, PMT, ME, psoriasis and eczema, low energy, depression and insomnia. The cost is pounds 500 or - as a special offer for Independent readers - pounds 450.

Welbeck Clinic: 0171-435 0915.