*Switzerland: Since 1941, it has been legal to hasten death by assisting someone who is terminally ill or severely mentally ill but competent enough to opt for suicide. Only Switzerland lets foreigners use its non-profit clinics. Doctors can issue a lethal dose of drugs once they are satisfied of a patient's condition. Police must be informed.

*Belgium: A 2002 law permits euthanasia. The lethal drugs can be administered by injection or a prescribed overdose and the patient must be a Belgian resident. The law requires two doctors to be involved, and a psychologist where the competence of the patient is in question.

*Netherlands: Voluntary euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide has been permitted since 1984, although it was not made law until 2002. Like Belgium, any decision must be made by two doctors and a psychologist where necessary.

*Oregon: The only US state where assisted suicide is legal. A patient with an illness that will kill them within six months can request lethal drugs from a doctor. The request must be confirmed by two witnesses, one of whom cannot be related or known to the patient. Only when the patient has waited a further 15 days and reconfirmed the request can the lethal dose be given.