Extreme diet grandfather loses 11-stone

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A grandfather who lost 11 stone in seven months by not eating has enjoyed his first meal.

Idris Lewis, 69, was told in January that if he did not lose 11 stone by the end of July, he could not have an operation on his heart and could die within a year.

So he embarked on a diet of only mineral water and nutrient powder and ate nothing since January.

The grandfather of three weighed 26st 12lb in January, but now weighs 15st 5lb.

Mr Lewis, a retired civil servant from Nailsea, near Bristol, suffers from a chronic lung condition and a scan 18 months ago revealed that he also had an abnormal heart valve.

His doctor gave him a stark choice; he either lost the weight so that he could have an operation to widen the valve or he had a year to live.

After seeking advice from his GP, Mr Lewis was put on a course of Lipotrim, a powder which claims to provide the full range of nutrients your body needs, by his local pharmacist.

He had to drink up to six pints of water a day, with no other drink apart from black coffee or tea.

Mr Lewis could not eat anything not even a slice of lemon in his water.

But now he has been given the go-ahead by doctors to start eating food again and had his first meal yesterday.

He went to his local pub with wife Muriel, 69, and grandson David, 15, where he tucked into a 4oz piece of steamed cod, two spoonfuls of peas and a diet Coke.

He must eat a restricted diet of steamed or boiled fish, skinless chicken, salad and vegetables for four weeks to reintroduce his body to solid food.

But he is then looking forward to a full roast dinner in a month's time before having his operation in October.

"The cod tasted like no fish I have ever had before, and the peas were brilliant," Mr Lewis said.

"I don't know what has happened to my taste buds but everything tastes much better.

"I will not put weight back on because I have a completely different lifestyle and attitude to food now. I now know that you eat what you need and no more.

"I would recommend this diet to anyone. It's so easy and as long as you have the willpower you don't feel hungry at all."