Fitness: What do you call Madonna's personal trainer who's releasing a DVD? Brave


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Famously buff and fearsomely fit, Madonna's exercise regime would make a marine weep. Her bulging biceps aren't everyone's cup of tea – not that the Material Girl gives a damn what the haters say – but for those who are inspired by her physique, Madge's personal trainers are workout wizards and lords of the dance routines.

But what happens when a superstar's trainer becomes, well, a superstar in their own right? In the case of Tracy Anderson, Madonna's one-time exercise expert, once she stepped into the limelight with a best-selling DVD, she stepped out of her role as gym instructor to the Queen of Pop. So what will happen now that Nicole Winhoffer Madonna's current PT is launching a series of DVDs called Addicted To Sweat?

Definitely not the job centre – this time, Madonna's on board, and is supplying the dance moves. Obviously Winhoffer is no dumbell.