According to a new research study and emergency room health professionals the answer is a resounding, YES! Trust is integral in the health professional-patient relationship and can impact overall wellbeing.

"Never, ever lie to your ER nurse. Their BS detectors are excellent, and you lose all credibility when you lie." - Allen Roberts, MD

"Some of us are pretty good at spotting people who come in to score pain medication - especially if you're specific about the drug you want or you don't look like you're in that much pain but you drove an hour from your home to get there." - Denise King, RN

"We hear all kinds of weird stuff. I had a woman who came in at 3 a.m. and said she'd passed out while she was asleep." - Emergency physician, suburban Northeast

Here are four tips from, an online health and wellness resource, on how to "Find the Doctor of Your Dreams":
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