Google releases ground-breaking advert depicting gender transition

The advert follows the story of a trans YouTuber

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Google has released a stunning video depicting the realities of gender transition.

The short film features YouTube blogger Jacob Wanderling, who describes his upbringing with his uncle.

Sharing photos of himself as a young child before he transitioned, Wanderling recounts how he wished he could be more masculine and have a muscular body.

Describing when he learned he could transition he says: “When the idea of starting a transition was brought about, it was like this is what I’ve been waiting for, this is what I need.”

Cuts from Wanderling’s YouTube channel show him announcing his plans to transition, his voice dropping and his facial hair growing.

Viewers then see Wanderling’s first day back at his gym after having top surgery, as he works out with owner of City Gym in Kansas City, Missouri, Hailee Bland Walsh.

There, he is joined other trans men who have gone through similar journeys at an inclusive gym class with

Jacob Wanderling poses at the end of the Google video

Trans right campaigners have praised the video, and said it is signifies how attitudes towards the community have drastically changed.

Helen Belcher, Director of Trans Media Watch, told Gay Star Business:"It's heartening to see that people are now seeing inclusion of trans people as a positive for business, and something to be proud of. It shows how much society is moving towards acceptance of trans people as equals."

Trans rights have to come to the fore in recent years, and members of the community have gradually become more visible in mainstream media. Most recent examples include the casting of Laverne Cox in hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, and the recent transition of Caitlyn Jenner.