These are the examples of pressures on health and social services in different areas of England arising from the current fuel shortage according to the Department of Health.

These are the examples of pressures on health and social services in different areas of England arising from the current fuel shortage according to the Department of Health.


Royal Hull Hospital has no stitches for use in operations.

South Tyneside Hospital and Friarage Hospital experiencing serious difficulties in removal of clinical waste.

Growing problems in securing laundry supplies.

Blood Transfusion Service expects major problems in delivering blood stocks soon.

Pharmaceutical and surgical supplies now being delayed in reaching destinations.

Pressures on community nurses reaching their patients steadily increasing.

GPs have no access to fuel to reach patients - ambulance service expects more calls as a result.

Elective admissions are being cancelled at Dewsbury Health Care Trust for the rest of the week.


Patients cancelling appointments as unable to get to hospitals.

Oxygen cylinders running short in some communities.

West Kent experiencing problems in removal of clinical waste - will soon be a health hazard.

Portsmouth - pharmacies only have two days supplies.

Hospitals in Portsmouth running short of drugs, particularly for renal dialysis - will soon mean severe problems for patients needing regular dialysis.

All electives cancelled in Milton Keynes.

Many trusts reporting elective operations will be affected within a few days.

Many hospitals are not servings staff food in order to keep food for patients.

Surrey Ambulance Service expects major problems as their ambulances run on petrol not diesel. Predict that they will only be able to manage A&E calls for 24 hours.

Problems with blood distribution in Southampton.


Increased number of 12-hour trolley waits for patients.

Reduced attendance to out-patients clinics across the south west.

Many trusts only have two days worth of linen left.

Critical problem for staff unable to reach work.

Very few beds as patients now not being discharged.

Volunteer drivers for outpatient services are now unable to help leading to cancellation of appointments in South Devon.

Avon and Western Wiltshire Mental Health Care Trust will run out of linen tomorrow.

Cornwall Health Authority has only three days left of food, 36 hours of laundry and oxygen supplies are becoming scarce.

Some cardiac operations cancelled at United Bristol Healthcare Trust today because staff were unable to get into work.

In Gloucestershire home visits being replaced by phone visits.

South Devon experiencing problems with pharmacy supplies to nursing homes.

Four surgical patients have had their operations cancelled due to bed unavailability.


Hereford, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Staffordshire have all declared situation a "major incident".

Food supplies running short in a number of hospitals. The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital will run out of food by the end of the week.

Community services - district nurses, GPs, home care, midwives - are severely cutting back on numbers of visits. Experiencing main difficulties in rural areas.

Cancellation of elective surgery likely to start by end of day.


General cancellation of non-urgent outpatients and visits.

Community services - rapidly running out of fuel.

Guy's & St Thomas only discharging patients who live within London area.


Wigan Ambulance Station has no fuel stocks left. Other stations are refuelling their vehicles. Greater Manchester Ambulance Service has not received expected fuel.

Blood donations dropping.

Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust - has had to cancel 50 elective procedures today; elderly day care cancelled for 60 patients.

Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust - cancelled 37 non-emergency in-patient procedures. From tomorrow all non-elective work will be cancelled.

Community nursing will not be available by the end of the week at the North Mersey Community NHS Trust.

Increasing concern that community workers are now unable to carry out their work.


Catering firm supplying meals for mental health patients will run out tomorrow.

Hospitals in West Suffolk are likely to run out of clean linen very soon.


Central blood stocks will last for four days.

Critical points are currently - Oxford and Southampton. These areas rely on bloodmobiles and collections are down by 40%.