Health: Tips for a jollier journey

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HALF an hour before you leave, have a small low-fat starchy meal. If the journey will last some hours, eat a biscuit every 30 minutes or so.

In a car, ask to sit in the front and have the window open a little. Look out of the window, preferably ahead, so that you can relate the car's motion to what you see. Do not attempt to read and do not worry about making eye contact with other people in the vehicle.

On a boat, try to stay on deck for as long as possible and watch the horizon. Keep your head movements to a minimum.

In an aircraft, choose a window seat. Often flights are most bumpy immediately after take-off and just before landing - if you can see the ground, your eyes will not be so easily deceived.

Try to distract yourself with mental games. Research has shown that people asked to solve mental problems are sick less frequently in motion sickness experiments.

Try not to worry about the journey. Research has shown that people who anticipate being sick on a journey may show signs of developing nausea while they are still stationary.

Buy some Sea-Bands. These are the elasticated bands that press on the part of the wrist known in acupunture as the Neiguan point and may reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. They are also used by pregnant women.

Travel sickness drugs are available, but they are not 100 per cent effective and some people suffer drowsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.