INSTEAD of waking at 4am, worrying for a couple of hours and falling asleep again at 6am, people who suffer from anxiety could benefit from putting aside half an hour a day for 'worry time'.

The Council for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction has produced an audio tape, Coping with Anxiety, which gives hints on how to deal with anxiety. Dr Mike Scott, a psychologist who specialises in anxiety management, says the symptoms can be reduced by relaxation, breathing exercises and 'management of thoughts and actions'.

Coping with Anxiety, from Anxiety Tape, PO Box 1, Wirral L47 7DD, pounds 6.75 inc p&p. Council for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Cavendish House, Brighton Road, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 SNG, 051-949 0102.