A wealthy widow has left her fortune to the hospital where she had a minor operation 50 years ago.

Phyllis Cox spent a week at Cromer Hospital in Norfolk in the 1950s having a stone removed from her salivary gland. The former school teacher was so impressed with the care she received that, before she died in October last year, she made arrangements for the hospital to receive her £1m estate.

Mrs Cox, of Bacton in Norfolk, was childless and her husband died 30 years ago. "She never forgot the wonderful care she received at the hospital," her niece, Barbara Cox, of Felix-stowe, Suffolk, said. "She was very tight with her money when she was alive - and did not even have a home help because she did not want to pay £6 an hour."

Mrs Cox's legacy is the second big windfall for the hospital in recent years. Sagle Bernstein, who died aged 82 in May 2000, left Cromer £11m in recognition of the treatment her sister received. A spokesman for the hospital said staff were "very pleased" with the gift.