Donna McDonald, 48 Arts administrator and fundraiser from west London

I try to eat healthily, I'm a foodie anyway and my cooking has become more experimental over the years. I never eat convenience of my own volition and have never bought microwaveable food. I would be ashamed to be caught inside a McDonald's.

Jeff Tuite, 54 Commodity trader from Chelsea

Unfortunately, I do not eat any more healthily than I did a decade ago, partly because I work long hours, but also because I eat with my 19-year-old son, so tend to eat all the unhealthy food he eats. I am aware of the campaign to persuade people to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day but I don't like fruit.

Nero Berera, 30 Financial controller from Acton

I eat microwave food after a long day at work and my diet is a mixture of healthy and non-healthy food. I never eat at McDonald's or Burger King because I don't like the culture of those places but I do like pizza. I make sure I eat a lot of greens . It is difficult to always be healthy when you work long hours.

Rowena Cloete, 23 Hotel reservations agent from Stratford

I eat more healthily now than when I used to live with my parents. I cook as much as I can and avoid places like McDonald's. I don't eat convenience often, once a week at most, and I try to cook every night. People make fun of me because I bring in fruit to snack on.

Beatrice Rodas, 28 Student living in Elephant and Castle

I'm from Venezuela, and the food habits here are very, very bad. When I first came to England I didn't speak the language and used to eat at fast-food places. That was two years ago and I put on 10 kilos. I discovered Borough Market and now it is more like the diet I had in Venezuela.

Jodie Hopkinson, 32 Press officer from Hackney

My diet has definitely become more healthy over the last few years, I think partly because there is more healthy food for sale in London. I don't buy any fast food and haven't done for years. I really don't like the taste and it is so bad for you. I stopped my stepchildren from eating at McDonald's.