In an unstable economy, sales of dietary supplements steady

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Despite unsteady economic times, the market for dietary supplements is still stable, with 75 percent of US adult consumers buying supplements as they used to in pre-recession times (before 2008), and 65 percent (up from 64 percent) of them currently taking dietary supplements, according to Ipsos Public Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

Currently, confidence in supplements is at an all-time high, particularly among women and more affluent individuals, largely because the industry is now supporting Good Manufacturing Practices in response to consumer concern about the safety of many dietary supplements.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents said they continue to buy supplements but have changed some of their criteria: they're buying less expensive brands or more store brands; they're opting for brands that are on sale and they're taking advantage of sales promotions and coupons for their supplements purchases.

Multivitamins are the most consumed supplement of all, with 54 percent of the US adult population reporting that they take a multivitamin.

The most important factors they cited when choosing a dietary supplement included: price; clear product information, like dosage and daily value; and the product's health claims like maintaining heart health, joint health or digestive health.

"According to our survey, consumers, including supplement users, report to be taking necessary steps towards good health, such as trying to eat a balanced diet and getting regular exercise," said Judy Blatman, senior vice president, communications at CRN in a news release." We're encouraged that dietary supplements continue to be a part of that equation for many."