iPhone app can now alert consumers of product recalls

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The popular iPhone app Shopper by mobile application developers ReachEverywhere has some new functionality added to it.

The shopping assistant can now directly deliver warnings and recalls issued by the US Food and Drug Administration into its interface. If an item is added to a shopping list and is associated with a recall, a proprietary keyword-matching technology automatically shows warning information for that product.

Shopping apps are some of the most popular programs available because of their customizable shopping lists and other varied features. Some of the best ones include Grocery Gadget List, Splash Shopper, and ShopShop, according to Macworld. The new feature added to Shopper, however, is the first of its kind and is the first of a series of upgrades planned for the app, according to ReachEverywhere.

Other features of the app include:

-Real-time list syncing between household members and friends
-Building multiple lists for multiple stores and purposes
-Managing pricing, photos, or coupon information for any item on a store-by-store basis
-Nutritional ratings for grocery items from the Guiding Stars program
-Easy management of individual aisle order/layout and pricing of different grocery stores; personalized circulars of over 100 retail outlets.

The application costs $0.99.