On March 11, The Daily Beast, a news and opinion blog, created America's Craziest Cities list by analyzing and measuring 57 urban US cities by psychiatrists per capita, eccentricity, stress and drinking levels.

The Daily Beast's system for ranking all 57 cities could have produced different outcomes if not linking alcohol intake and eccentricity as indicators of "crazy," however the list reveals insights into supply/demand of mental health professionals, Gallup-Healthway 2008 poll on stress and emotional/mental well-being of Americans city-by-city and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2008 alcohol intake prevalence.

The top five ‘craziest' US cities are:

Cincinnati, Ohio

Psychiatrists per capita: 31 out of 57
Stress: 5 out of 57
Eccentricity: 12 out of 57
Drinking: 17 (tie) out of 57

San Francisco, California

Psychiatrists per capita: 1
Stress: 57
Eccentricity: 2
Drinking: 11 (tie)

Providence, Rhode Island

Psychiatrists per capita: 6
Stress: 38
Eccentricity: 21
Drinking: 7

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Psychiatrists per capita: 10
Stress: 33 (tie)
Eccentricity: 29
Drinking: 1 (tie)

Las Vegas; Nevada

Psychiatrists per capita: 55
Stress: 9
Eccentricity: 9
Drinking: 1 (tie)

The top five ‘sane' US cities are:

Salt Lake City, Utah

Psychiatrists per capita: 36
Stress: 55
Eccentricity: 56
Drinking: 49 (tie)

Fort Worth, Texas

Psychiatrists per capita: 54
Stress: 47
Eccentricity: 22
Drinking: 54

Charlotte, North Carolina

Psychiatrists per capita: 43
Stress: 36
Eccentricity: 53
Drinking: 42 (tie)

Washington, DC

Psychiatrists per capita: 25
Stress: 47
Eccentricity: 52
Drinking: 48

Hartford, Connecticut

Psychiatrists per capita: 57
Stress: 39
Eccentricity: 54
Drinking: 17 (tie)

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