IVF doctor cleared of misconduct

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Disciplinary proceedings against leading IVF doctor Mohamed Taranissi have collapsed, the General Medical Council said today.

A Fitness to Practise panel in central London ruled that allegations against Mr Taranissi brought by two patients did not amount to misconduct.

Chairman of the Panel Dr Harvey Markovitch said: "Although the panel concluded that on the evidence, taken at its highest, there was sufficient evidence to find that Mr El-Taranissi failed to keep a note of one consultation, and this conduct was capable of falling below the standard expected of a registered medical practitioner, it was incapable of amounting to misconduct.

"The panel concluded that in those circumstances it would not be aided by hearing further evidence and determined that the case be concluded at this point."

The panel was investigating allegations that Mr Taranissi failed to keep proper medical records, applied inappropriate pressure on one patient and was insensitive with another.

A spokeswoman for Mr Taranissi said he welcomed the GMC's decision.

"The panel concluded that there was insufficient evidence to continue the hearing," she said.

"It found that there was no evidence of misconduct.

"The panel concluded that Mr Taranissi's fitness to practise was not inappropriate.

"Mr Taranissi is now looking forward to focusing on what he does best, looking after his patients."